Andrea’s Favourite Things – Timeless Lamps

Timeless lamps

These are my favourite lamps that have timeless appeal. I love them because they suit so many different style homes and they are all very elegant. Adding a lamp on a console or side table is a way to add instant ambience to a room. All these lamps are under $350 – Check out our website to see these and other beautiful lamps that are available from us.  Andrea

5 Ways to add elegance to a Powder Room

Before – This Powder room was in need of a make over – See for yourself below:powder room before

I will share with you 5 ways I made this powder room elegant

5 ways to make a powder room elegant

  1. Add Wallpaper – There are so many different styles and patterns of wallpaper so this is a sure way to personalise a space just for you. I love this one because it has the metallic leaves which give it an elegant look and the colours are very neutral so its also timeless.
  2. Add Wainscotting – I am a HUGE fan of wainscotting because it is so cost effective and it’s so easy to install. I have installed it myself at home so I am talking from experience. The top rail is skirting board and then trim is used to create the squares. Painted in white I think you will agree that it has given this powder room a fresh and elegant look.
  3. Choose knobs or handles that are special – These knobs are glass cut and quite a bit bigger than a standard knob. Its the small details like knobs that make all the difference to your room so put some thought into choosing something special.
  4. Add a wall light – Just about every bathroom, ensuite or powder room that I design has a wall light. I do this because they not only look great but they are a great light source in these rooms.
  5. Choose a beautiful mirror – The client already had this mirror and because it suited the style and was beautiful we re used it. I like to use mirrors that are bevelled or have something special about them.

I hope you are inspired to create a beautiful powder room, Andrea xx

Andes favourite things - all things blush

Andrea’s favourite things- All things BLUSH

Andes favourite things - all things blush


Blush is such a beautiful colour and I absolutely love it. It’s so on trend at the moment which makes it a great choice for a feature colour in items like cushions and lamps. This blush and gold lamp is currently one of my absolute favourite things and it looks great in many different rooms. I have one at home and its gone from my lounge to my bedroom and I still can’t decide where to keep it because it looks so good everywhere. Get inspired to style with blush.

ensuite after

Before + After Ensuite


I loved designing this ensuite for some lovely clients that are always a pleasure to work with and the end result was amazing. Before, the ensuite didn’t have enough storage and it was outdated.

See for yourself below


Before Photos – Ensuite














Here is the After – Ensuite



                The end result is a very elegant, timeless and relaxing space that has plenty of storage. We designed this custom cabinetry so that the clients now have lots of storage and it looks beautiful as well. I love using neutral colours for bathrooms so they have a timeless quality that can be enjoyed for many years without dating quickly.



I often use wall lights in bathrooms because they look beautiful and they also create light around the mirror which is a good source of light. These wall sconces are very luxurious and the crystal droplets co ordinate with the cabinetry knobs and the soap dispenser. It’s these small details that make a bathroom special.






I like to use mirrors that are bevelled or a little bit different like this one as they create a more stylish look. When I style bathrooms I like to add a glass container to display extra soap in a beautiful way and a small vase of flowers is always nice if you have the space on the bench. I hope I have inspired you to create a bathroom you will love. Andrea xx

All things green

Andrea’s Favourite things – All things green

All things green

Green is a beautiful colour and a great way to bring the outside in. I love using green for an accent colour so there are splashes of green around a room. I recently found a gorgeous fiddle leaf fig for my family room and it has so far survived so I am still crossing my fingers and hoping it will last as I don’t have a very good record for keeping indoor plants alive. If you can keep indoor plants then they are a great way to add colour and life to a room.  These are some of my favourite things that are gorgeous green.

Andrea xx

Bo ho chic - beaded chandelier

Bo Ho Chic – Our favourite beaded chandeliers

Bo ho chic - beaded chandelier

If you love the Bo Ho Chic look or a more casual and relaxed style then these chandeliers are perfect for your home. I absolutely love them all. I am finding that clients are wanting their homes to be very welcoming and very relaxed but they still want them to be stylish so these work well.  Andrea xxx

modern farmhouse style

5 Must have items to get the Modern Farmhouse style

I love the Modern Farmhouse style that is so popular today because it has a casual lived in look that is perfect for families.

modern farmhouse style




Here are my 5 must have items that you need to get this look in your home

Timber Flooring 1/

I absolutely love timber flooring because it looks great but it is also hard wearing and it has a timeless quality. My favourite flooring to get the Modern Farmhouse look is an oak board as the grain is gorgeous and it has some imperfections like knots. There are some really beautiful engineering flooring available and my favourites are shown below.

oak floorboards

Rustic Furniture 2/

Choose furniture that is made from recycled timber so it has a rustic look. I also like to have furniture that is a mix of timber and metal like the console shown below as it helps to keep the look more modern.

Rustic console

Metal Chandelier 3/

Metal chandeliers are perfect feature lights for this look and I love using them above dining tables, above kitchen island benches and in living areas. Lighting makes a huge difference to a home and I think it is definitely worth investing in beautiful chandeliers to personalise your home and create a welcoming look. These are a few of my favourites.


Open Shelving 4/

Open shelving is a great choice in a Modern Farmhouse kitchen and it adds interest to the space. I like shelving that is a bit industrial looking with metal and timber like this one shown below.



open shelving

Traditional Rugs 5/

To create a lived in look I like to use traditional rugs that have a worn look. I think these help to add personality to a space and they create a cosy feel.


traditional rugs

All things blue

Andrea’s favourite things – All things blue

all things blue


I have always loved the colour blue and I am immediately drawn to it every time. It is such a beautiful colour for things like cushions, lamps and prints because it goes so well with neutrals as a background and it it easy to live with.  These are some of my favourite items in all shades of blue. If you love the Hamptons or beach look then blue is the colour for you too as you can be inspired by colours in the ocean. Andrea xx

3 ways to make your living room awesome

3 Ways to make your living room AWESOME

3 ways to make your living room awesome

Here are 3 quick ways to make your living room awesome

  1. Add a side table in front of your sofa. This whitewash side table is perfect for a living room and its great because it can be easily moved around depending on where you need it. It adds texture to a room and it is really practical as well.
  2. Add a console or table at the back of your sofa. This is particularly a good idea when you see the back of a sofa so it adds some interest to a room. This brass and antiqued glass table is perfect for behind a sofa as its not too bulky. Again this suggestion is very practical as well as you can put a drink etc on the table while you are sitting in the sofa.
  3.  Add wainscotting to a room- This is a very cost effective way to add interest or architectural detail to a room and its quite easy to install. I think its beautiful when the trim part is painted white and the wall colour is slightly darker as it makes it more of a feature like I have done here. I used skirting board for the top of the wainscotting which is attached across the entire wall and then timber trim is used to create the boxes. We used glue and small nails to apply the trim and it was really easy to do. Don’t be afraid to try this in your home as its so easy and it makes a huge improvement to your room.

I hope you are inspired to create a home you love.  Andrea xx

sisal, wicker, timber

Andrea’s favourite things – All things natural

sisal, wicker, timber

I love using natural materials in my designs because they have a timeless quality so they won’t date quickly.  At the moment I have a love for timbers that have a muted tone and whitewash finish. They look great in a Hamptons or rustic style home and they help to create a very relaxed look which is very easy to live with. Rugs make such a difference to a room and I generally use wool like this beautiful geometric patterned rug or sisal. Using wicker and sisal is a great way to add texture to a room. I have had a sisal rug in our family room for many years and I still really love it and I find it really easy to live with as any spills come up quickly.  This wicker side table and tray is so handy for a family room and I absolutely love them. The side table can be in front of a sofa and it can be moved around depending on who needs it at the time because its a perfect height for putting food and drinks on. I can not rave about it enough. I Love it!!!!

Linen fabrics are always beautiful and I particularly like to use linen for cushions. This cushion is a lovely natural colour and I do love a stripe so to me its perfection. My last favourite thing is a timber ball chandelier. There are a couple of different styles to choose from but this is a favourite. (check out our website for other style) These chandeliers are great for entrances, living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and stairwells – Lol- they actually look great anywhere.

Hope you are inspired to use natural materials in your home. Andrea xx