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Hamptons wallpaper- Bedroom

A room, and indeed a whole house, can be transformed through the use of Hamptons wallpaper. It’s one of the most effective ways of personalising a room and making it so much more interesting. Wallpaper adds a whole heap of character to your home and can be installed fairly quickly.

Hamptons Wallpaper

What is Hamptons Style Wallpaper? 

Hamptons inspired wallpaper usually features stripes, geometric patterns or more traditional styles like the photo above. The right wallpaper in a Hamptons designed home will strike a balance between style and sophistication on one hand, and relaxed elegance on the other.

The wallpaper can be any colour but soft, neutral colours like beige and grey allow the wallpaper to set a base for the room. You can then add accent colours with accessories that are easily changed. The patterns are also usually timeless, so you won’t need to worry about updating the wallpaper and you can just change other aspects of the room when you feel like a refresh.

Different Ways to Use Wallpaper 

I like to wallpaper an entire room because it seems to add so much more impact than just painted walls. However, if a client’s budget doesn’t allow for it, then wallpapering the top half of a wall and adding wainscoting is a great option. Another idea is to wallpaper a feature wall, for example, behind a bed. This can also be very effective.

Hamptons wallpaper- Bedroom

Hamptons Wallpaper

Adding Height and Length to a Room

In the example below, a striped wallpaper was used. Stripes can make a room look wider or give it the illusion of added height, depending on the direction it is installed. I love using a horizontal stripe for a modern Hamptons look. The neutral colours of the white and beige metallic stripes provide a great canvas for the picture gallery wall in this project.

stripe wallpaper

Adding Interest to a Powder Room

Powder rooms are great for wallpapering because they are small. This means most people can fit it into their budget and it packs quite a punch, so you get great value for your money. Being a room made for guests, it’s also a great way to create a showstopper in your home.

This powder room was transformed into something very special by the use of a wallpaper with a metallic pattern that gives the sense of luxury. We were then able to bring the same patterned wallpaper through to the entrance to create a nice flow in the clients home.

Powder room wallpaper


Wainscoting is a term used to describe decorative panelling on a wall. It was originally used as insulation, to prevent damage to walls from rising damp. Nowadays, it is very much a decorative feature especially in Hamptons inspired homes. I helped renovate this powder room about four years ago. We added wainscoting and a beautiful wallpaper above it to personalise the room.



Grasscloth is a term used to describe wallpaper made from hand-woven strands of natural fibres. The fibres include hemp, jute, seagrass, arrowroot grass, bamboo and raffia. Grasscloth and wainscoting is a classic Hamptons combination.

It’s a great way to add texture to a room. In this example, I chose a a light neutral colour grasscloth and paired it with blue wainscoting for this children’s bedroom.

interior design lower plenty

It is important to note that seams are more visible with grasscloth, so if you are after a more seamless application, you may want to choose a different wallpaper. It is also harder to install than other wallpaper, so I always recommend application by a professional.

In this other bedroom project, we decided on a beautifully textured wallpaper above the wainscoting that looks very similar to grasscloth but the seems are not as visible. It’s actually a vinyl wallpaper so if it needs wiping down, it can be. I absolutely love this wallpaper and I think it is so elegant and timeless.

Hamptons wallpaper

Hamptons wallpaper is a simple and effective way to elevate your home and make it stand out. If you need help choosing wallpaper, please get in touch with me.

I hope you are inspired to decorate your home with some Hamptons style wallpaper

Andrea xx

Modern Hamptons Home

I love the modern Hamptons style that has emerged from the traditional Hamptons look. The name “Hamptons” comes from the towns and villages on the eastern end of Long Island, Manhattan. Often the playground of the rich and famous, the area is known for its luxurious homes, many on the beach. Hamptons homes are noted for their white décor and relaxed but sophisticated beach style.

Modern Hamptons Home

What is the modern Hamptons style?

The modern Hamptons style puts a personal twist on the traditional, often through the addition of colour and more contemporary or casual pieces of decor. It suits our modern lifestyles, particularly here in Australia. We love the elegance of the traditional Hamptons look, but also recognise that our homes need to be lived in. Our homes are an extension of who we are and the modern Hamptons style allows us to achieve that individuality.


Real life examples of the modern Hamptons style

The following are projects I’ve completed for clients, where I’ve given the traditional Hamptons look a fresh look. The homes look elegant but not old fashioned. You’ll notice there’s a lot more colour too.


Essendon Family Home


This was a family/kitchen area in an Essendon project I worked on. As you can see, modern Hamptons is still timeless and classic but those traditional features are interwoven with more modern elements. For instance, the armchairs are quite traditional in shape, but they are paired with a more casual, modern sofa. The cushions on the armchairs also add a modern twist to the room, as does the abstract art on the wall.

The coffee table is another example of how traditional and contemporary are blended together to create a modern Hamptons style. It has a black, steel frame and is quite simple in shape and style, but the top is in traditional parquetry.

Lighting is another avenue for introducing personal style and a more relaxed feel. The timber beaded chandeliers over the island bench give it a more modern look. They also create a cosier ambience for the space.

Essendon Entrance


For the Essendon project entrance I used texture, as well as a mix of modern and traditional decor to give the space character.

The lamp shades have traditional linen tops, but the bottom of the lamps, while traditional in shape, have modern, reflective bases. The pendants I chose are also modern, but work well with the decorative lace cornice. They help elevate the space and give it personality.

The console is made from rustic or recycled timber. I added more texture to that part of the entrance with the introduction of a patterned rug and a wicker basket, which the clients can also use for storage. 

Essendon guest bedroom

Guest Bedroom

I loved putting this guest bedroom together in a modern Hamptons style as well. While this space would have been practically all white in a traditional Hamptons home, the injection of colour adds vibrancy. Blue, white and beige work perfectly together – they are soft, complimentary colours and add interest without competing against each other. 

I also paired traditional design rugs with modern bedside tables. The diamond shapes on the throw cushions and lamp base also pick up the diamonds in the rug, ensuring everything blends well together.

I further mixed traditional and modern elements by including a natural linen bedhead, coral prints with bamboo style frames and white plantation shutters. The addition of shutters in place of drapes or other window coverings can help move a room from a traditional Hamptons to a modern Hamptons style.

Modern Hamptons Style
Why black works in a modern Hamptons style

Considering that white is the overwhelming colour used in traditional Hamptons styling, some might think black is too far removed, even for a modern Hamptons look. But I think it absolutely works. By providing a strong contrast to white, using the opposite in black creates a stunning effect. It’s one that is elegant but also timeless.

Need help with your modern Hamptons look?

If you’re thinking of decorating or redesigning your home in a Hamptons style, I’d love to help you out. Learn more about the services I offer by visiting my Services page.

What do you love about the modern Hamptons style?

I hope you are inspired.

Andrea xx

hamptons staircase make over

Do you have a staircase that is looking a bit boring and in need of a make over. If the answer is yes then I hope you are inspired by this recent staircase that I helped refresh for a lovely client in Donvale. The staircase was looking drab so I suggested adding some trim to the wall to create some architectural detail. This is easy to do and a great way to really make a difference to the look of the staircase.



ABOVE – Before: This stair case was boring and in need of a make over

staircase trim

The staircase had some trim that separated the lower floor to the top floor so we used that line as the top of the trim and created a grid pattern. This trim already had an undercoat on it which saves a bit of time and money on paint. We decided to keep the colour the same as the wall colour and we removed the carpet from the stairs.



Another way to freshen stairs is to paint the risers white which gives a more traditional look and lightens the space. We also wanted a bit of impact here so we chose to paint the balustrade black for some contrast and I think this gives the staircase a very elegant and timeless look.

hamptons staircase make over

To complete the make over we added a beautiful black console that looks amazing with the black balustrade and I love the contrast with the white walls. Some large hurricane candle holders are perfect for finishing touches and this art adds a bit of colour in a black frame leaning on the console for a relaxed look.

Hampton Entrance

Let me know what you think of this staircase make over and I’d love to know what ideas you have to freshen a staircase. It’s amazing what a difference some small changes can make to your home so I hope you are inspired.


Andrea xxx

blue prints

I love blue so this week I would like to share my favourite blue prints. They range from coastal prints to abstract Ikat designs which are perfect for above a console or above a bed.

blue printsI hope you are inspired to create a home you love. Andrea xx

sisal, wicker, timber

I love using natural materials in my designs because they have a timeless quality so they won’t date quickly.  At the moment I have a love for timbers that have a muted tone and whitewash finish. They look great in a Hamptons or rustic style home and they help to create a very relaxed look which is very easy to live with. Rugs make such a difference to a room and I generally use wool like this beautiful geometric patterned rug or sisal. Using wicker and sisal is a great way to add texture to a room. I have had a sisal rug in our family room for many years and I still really love it and I find it really easy to live with as any spills come up quickly.  This wicker side table and tray is so handy for a family room and I absolutely love them. The side table can be in front of a sofa and it can be moved around depending on who needs it at the time because its a perfect height for putting food and drinks on. I can not rave about it enough. I Love it!!!!

Linen fabrics are always beautiful and I particularly like to use linen for cushions. This cushion is a lovely natural colour and I do love a stripe so to me its perfection. My last favourite thing is a timber ball chandelier. There are a couple of different styles to choose from but this is a favourite. (check out our website for other style) These chandeliers are great for entrances, living areas, kitchens, bedrooms and stairwells – Lol- they actually look great anywhere.

Hope you are inspired to use natural materials in your home. Andrea xx




Our family room is my favourite room and the place we spend the most time together as a family.  I believe a home should be an absolute pleasure to live in which means it should be beautiful but also a comfortable place to live. I have the best job in the world because I get to create homes that my clients enjoy living in with their families and it makes me so happy when I see my clients years later and they tell me they still really love their home. I will share with you some of my design tips to create a home that is welcoming, elegant, comfortable, timeless and most of all a pleasure to live in.


Use neutral colours for the big purchase items like sofas and window coverings that are expensive to change.  This can range from a dark charcoal to a beige colour but stay away from bright colours because neutrals stand the test of time. Here I have chosen a charcoal Warwick fabric that is part of the Halo range so its practical but also looks great.



Use natural materials as they are timeless. My favourite flooring is timber or natural stone because I think it always looks beautiful.  I also like to use natural materials like sisal for rugs and wicker in furniture that adds texture to a space and makes it feel more homely.



Use black & white prints or take your own photos that can be framed in simple black frames.  I like to lean my photos against the wall for a more casual look and these can be changed depending on the look you want.


Add foliage from your garden in a simply glass vase that can create height to a mantel, on a console or coffee table. Here I have used eucalyptus leaves which lasts for a long time but they also looks great when they have dried out.



My home is filled with books on every coffee table (mostly design books) as I love reading them constantly while I’m relaxing at home.  Admittedly I try and colour co-ordinate them to my room but if I can’t I remove the slip covers so they are generally more neutral.

I hope these 5 tips have helped inspire you to create a home you will love… Andrea xx