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Hamptons wallpaper- Bedroom

A room, and indeed a whole house, can be transformed through the use of Hamptons wallpaper. It’s one of the most effective ways of personalising a room and making it so much more interesting. Wallpaper adds a whole heap of character to your home and can be installed fairly quickly.

Hamptons Wallpaper

What is Hamptons Style Wallpaper? 

Hamptons inspired wallpaper usually features stripes, geometric patterns or more traditional styles like the photo above. The right wallpaper in a Hamptons designed home will strike a balance between style and sophistication on one hand, and relaxed elegance on the other.

The wallpaper can be any colour but soft, neutral colours like beige and grey allow the wallpaper to set a base for the room. You can then add accent colours with accessories that are easily changed. The patterns are also usually timeless, so you won’t need to worry about updating the wallpaper and you can just change other aspects of the room when you feel like a refresh.

Different Ways to Use Wallpaper 

I like to wallpaper an entire room because it seems to add so much more impact than just painted walls. However, if a client’s budget doesn’t allow for it, then wallpapering the top half of a wall and adding wainscoting is a great option. Another idea is to wallpaper a feature wall, for example, behind a bed. This can also be very effective.

Hamptons wallpaper- Bedroom

Hamptons Wallpaper

Adding Height and Length to a Room

In the example below, a striped wallpaper was used. Stripes can make a room look wider or give it the illusion of added height, depending on the direction it is installed. I love using a horizontal stripe for a modern Hamptons look. The neutral colours of the white and beige metallic stripes provide a great canvas for the picture gallery wall in this project.

stripe wallpaper

Adding Interest to a Powder Room

Powder rooms are great for wallpapering because they are small. This means most people can fit it into their budget and it packs quite a punch, so you get great value for your money. Being a room made for guests, it’s also a great way to create a showstopper in your home.

This powder room was transformed into something very special by the use of a wallpaper with a metallic pattern that gives the sense of luxury. We were then able to bring the same patterned wallpaper through to the entrance to create a nice flow in the clients home.

Powder room wallpaper


Wainscoting is a term used to describe decorative panelling on a wall. It was originally used as insulation, to prevent damage to walls from rising damp. Nowadays, it is very much a decorative feature especially in Hamptons inspired homes. I helped renovate this powder room about four years ago. We added wainscoting and a beautiful wallpaper above it to personalise the room.



Grasscloth is a term used to describe wallpaper made from hand-woven strands of natural fibres. The fibres include hemp, jute, seagrass, arrowroot grass, bamboo and raffia. Grasscloth and wainscoting is a classic Hamptons combination.

It’s a great way to add texture to a room. In this example, I chose a a light neutral colour grasscloth and paired it with blue wainscoting for this children’s bedroom.

interior design lower plenty

It is important to note that seams are more visible with grasscloth, so if you are after a more seamless application, you may want to choose a different wallpaper. It is also harder to install than other wallpaper, so I always recommend application by a professional.

In this other bedroom project, we decided on a beautifully textured wallpaper above the wainscoting that looks very similar to grasscloth but the seems are not as visible. It’s actually a vinyl wallpaper so if it needs wiping down, it can be. I absolutely love this wallpaper and I think it is so elegant and timeless.

Hamptons wallpaper

Hamptons wallpaper is a simple and effective way to elevate your home and make it stand out. If you need help choosing wallpaper, please get in touch with me.

I hope you are inspired to decorate your home with some Hamptons style wallpaper

Andrea xx

Grey bedside table

My bedside tables were looking really worn and the stain was coming off and it was one of those jobs I never had time to do. While in lock down I decided to change the look of my bedsides by painting them grey in chalk paint. I absolutely love how they turned out so I thought I would share it with you. Now you should know that I have no patience at all and I’m not crafty so if I can do it, then it must be pretty easy. I usually start projects and give up on them because they don’t turn out like on the television shows but this one I actually completed.


Before: My bedside table was really worn and it looked horrible.

Step 1 – Remove the handles:

I removed the handles so the bedside was ready for me to sand it. I changed the handles recently so these ones were still good but if you don’t like your handles then this is a great way to freshen the look of your bedside tables.


Step 2 – Sand the drawers and Bedside cabinet:

I put some trestle tables up in our drive way so I could put the drawers on them and reach them easier without bending over. It was quite easy to sand the drawers and the cabinet but it did take about 30 minutes to sand one bedside cabinet.  I used a sander similar to this one form Mitre 10. https://www.mitre10.com.au/bosch-160w-multi-sander



Step 3 – Painting & wax finish:

Once I sanded and wiped away the dust I was ready to paint. I chose a chalk paint in a can because I think it is so much easier to spray paint than to use a brush and it also gives you a better finish. I haven’t used a chalk paint before but I found this so easy to use so I would definitely recommend it. Remember I am not crafty so if it was too hard there is no way I would recommend it. This was really easy! The colour I chose was called ‘Riviera Grey’ and I really love it. I sprayed the first coat and left it to dry for about an hour and when it was touch dry I then applied the next coat.  Once this was dry I added a wax  which makes it feel smooth and it has a matt finish that also protects it.

bedside-table-make-over-paint bedside-table-paint


Step 4 – Put handles back on:

The last thing to do is to put back the handles on. I am so happy with how this bedside cabinet looks. I really love it. It has taken me a couple of hours all up but a lot of this time was waiting for the paint to dry so it’s a good project to do in an afternoon at home.


Yay I finished it and I love it!

bedside table


This is the refreshed bedside table in my bedroom. This change has made such a different to the look of my room and I am sorry I didn’t do it earlier. It really was quite an easy project and I’m thrilled with the end result.

I would love to hear from you about your experience in painting furniture.

I hope you are inspired to create a home you love.   Andrea. xxx


This project in Heidelberg was an older home and my clients, a busy family with teenage children wanted me to help create their ‘Forever home’.  They wanted more space as the demands on the family had changed as their kids were now teenagers who wanted their own living area.


After a lot of consultation with the family it seemed obvious to me that the formal lounge room and dining room at the front of the home were not being used. We decided to change the dining area into a home study which could be closed in with doors and the lounge room would be more inviting to use if it had a full decoration update. Initially the clients were looking at a large extension under the home which was very costly so this was a more cost effective alternative.

This meant a full gut renovation and a small add on to the kitchen/ meals area which made an enormous difference to the use of the space.  A fantastic alfresco area was also included with a built in B.B.Q and outdoor kitchen. This enabled the kitchen area to flow into the outdoor area and therefore be a lot more useable. I helped my clients choose all the materials and finishes for the renovation part and I liaised with their builder when required.  It was great to also finish this home by working with the clients on the decoration as well


My brief was for the Heidelberg home to be timeless and elegant but also practical for a family. The design process starting by visiting flooring showrooms so we could choose the perfect flooring throughout the home. A Natural oak flooring was chosen and this was installed in a herringbone pattern to give it a more formal and elegant look. I love choosing timber floors because being a natural material it has a timeless quality that will stand the test of time so it can be enjoyed for many years.

We then visited the Caesarstone showroom and the clients were immediately in love with a particular bench top they wanted for the island bench in the kitchen. I always recommend visit the showroom when choosing a bench top, especially when it is a stone look as the vein can look quite different in a big slab compared to a small sample. We then thought it would be more interested to have a darker bench top for contrast on the outer cabinetry so this was also chosen. Just in case we made some other bench top choices to have other preferences and after receiving our samples we visited the tile shop.


In order for the home to flow we chose porcelain tiles that have a natural stone look for the ensuite and main bathroom but in slightly different colours. It was decided that both bathrooms would be tiled to the ceiling to give a luxury hotel look and this is also very practical for keeping the area water proof.


In the laundry and kitchen a subway tile in white was chosen that has a hand made quality because the edges are not perfect which I love. We had these splash back tiles installed in a herringbone pattern to create repetition with the oak flooring pattern. Throughout the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry all the cabinetry was the same shaker style and colour to keep it harmonious.

Heidelberg project - lighting

Recessed lights were installed in the main areas of the home because this is a very practical lighting solution. To add some elegance lights with crystal droplets were also installed in key areas like the entrance, lounge room and bathrooms for an added feature. Above the island bench in the kitchen these gorgeous large glass pendant lights were chosen and all I can say is WOW. We all loved them. Lighting is so important and my tip for choosing feature lighting would be to keep the style consistent throughout your home.


After the material and finishes were all chosen for the renovation part of the design it was time to choose the decorations like window coverings and wallpaper. It is always a great pleasure to design a home from start to finish and this was no exception as it was a joy to work with these lovely clients. This beautiful wallpaper was installed to the entrance, powder room and family room and it helped to continue the elegant look from one room to another. It was very rewarding to see the beautiful window coverings installed as they helped bring the entire home together as an elegant family home.


It gave me great pleasure to have our final furniture and finishing touches installation. This is always my favourite part because this is where all the items are delivered and I get to style them in the home.  The client then came home to see their beautiful home finished and the end result was a happy family who get to enjoy their home for a long time.



Before – This Powder room was in need of a make over – See for yourself below:powder room before

I will share with you 5 ways I made this powder room elegant

5 ways to make a powder room elegant

  1. Add Wallpaper – There are so many different styles and patterns of wallpaper so this is a sure way to personalise a space just for you. I love this one because it has the metallic leaves which give it an elegant look and the colours are very neutral so its also timeless.
  2. Add Wainscotting – I am a HUGE fan of wainscotting because it is so cost effective and it’s so easy to install. I have installed it myself at home so I am talking from experience. The top rail is skirting board and then trim is used to create the squares. Painted in white I think you will agree that it has given this powder room a fresh and elegant look.
  3. Choose knobs or handles that are special – These knobs are glass cut and quite a bit bigger than a standard knob. Its the small details like knobs that make all the difference to your room so put some thought into choosing something special.
  4. Add a wall light – Just about every bathroom, ensuite or powder room that I design has a wall light. I do this because they not only look great but they are a great light source in these rooms.
  5. Choose a beautiful mirror – The client already had this mirror and because it suited the style and was beautiful we re used it. I like to use mirrors that are bevelled or have something special about them.

I hope you are inspired to create a beautiful powder room, Andrea xx