Building or Renovating in Melbourne

Want to create your dream home ?

If you are building or renovating I can help you get your dream home. There are lots of decisions and selections that need to be made and you want to get this right because you will be living with the result for a long time. I believe good design is timeless and I can help you make the right choices for you.

I specialise in working with families who are building or renovating. I am a wife and a mother so I understand how important it is for families to have a home that is an absolute pleasure to live in. This means the selections are beautiful but they also suit the way you live. For example clients with small children or grand children may want to have lots of built in storage in their home so things can be put away easily.

Each client is different so I can guide you through all the decisions that need to be made when you are building or renovating. For example some clients love natural marble for their kitchen bench which is a beautiful choice but it must be sealed so there is more maintenance.  I can show you some other alternatives so you can then make an informed decision. Some clients still want the natural marble and others have chosen a product that looks similar to marble but doesn’t require sealing.  I am here to design for real people and I really do want you to absolutely love your home. 

Interior Design Modern Hamptons style 2022

Design Packages

From experience I have found that each client is unique and some like help with all the choices when they are building or renovating while others want help with specific choices. You can never know from the start how many site visits are required or what questions the builder will have where a decision needs to be made as the build or renovation progresses. Working by the hour gives my clients flexibility so that I can be there for them when they need it.  Clients can purchase a package depending on how much input they want from me and further packages can be purchased if required.

10 hour package $2,000
20 hour package $3,800

All packages are paid in advance and then every time I work on your project I allocate the time to your package.