Favourite Dulux White Paint Colours

It’s not easy to choose the perfect white for your home so I thought I would share my top 3 favourite white paint colours from Dulux.

Natural White:
If you are looking for a nice warm white then this one may be right for you. I love it and use it all the time for my clients homes. I even have it in my own home for the ceiling and trim colours and I have Beige Royal on the walls which looks really great with it.

Lexicon Qtr:
This is a cool white that is another good choice for a modern home on all the walls or as trim in a traditional style home.

Vivid White:
This is the crispest white you can get and it can look really great if you want a fresh look. I like to use this white for trims in classic homes or for walls in modern homes. If you want a pure white then this might be the one for you.

Designer Tip –

It is impossible to choose a paint colour from a small swatch that you get from the paint shop so I recommend you go on the Dulux website and from there you can order A4 samples. There is a small cost but I think it’s still cheaper than spending lots on sample pots and this may save you making the wrong paint colour decision.

Natural White

Dulux Natural White is a warm and inviting paint colour that gives a sense of comfort and cosiness. Its subtle, slightly creamy undertones make it one of my favourite whites and I even have it in my own home for the trim and ceiling.  I like that it has a warmth to it but it’s not yellowy like Antique White USA which is my least favourite white. Natural White is a paint colour that is an excellent choice for those who appreciate the understated elegance of a natural, off-white paint colour.

Photo Below: I painted my wainscoting and trim in Natural White – Wash and wear.

Vivid White

If you are looking for a crisp white then I think this is a good choice because it is the purest white that Dulux makes as it doesn’t have any extra colour or tint added.

Dulux Vivid White is a paint colour known for its crisp and clean aesthetic. This brilliant shade of white is a go-to choice for me and many other designers. Its purity and brightness make it a good option for many different rooms within a home. When applied to walls, trim, or ceilings, Dulux Vivid White instantly freshens up a room, creating an open and airy feeling.  I think this white looks great for modern homes on the walls or also classic homes when it is used for doors, skirting boards and trim.

Only choose this white if you want it to be really WHITE and fresh.

Photo right: In this home in Donvale the clients wanted a more modern and fresh look so we used Vivid White for all the walls and trim. I think it works well with the warmth from the timber floors and the contrast of black on the balustrade.

hamptons staircase make over

Lexicon Qtr

Dulux Lexicon Qtr is a good choice if you want a cooler toned white. I like to use this for a more modern fresh look and it looks great with timber floors. I have found in the past Lexicon full strength can throw a bit of blue so making it Qtr makes all the difference.

Designer Tip:

I like to use the same White paint colour for my ceiling that I choose for my doors and trim rather than using a generic white on the ceiling and then it looking very white compared to your other choices.  Just a note that ceiling paint is usually a flat finish so that you don’t see every imperfection in the plaster.

Photo Left: In this renovation in Eltham the paint colour chosen was Lexicon Qtr.

I hope this has been helpful and if you need help with your home then thats what I do so call me for a consultation.

Andrea xx