Home Trends 2023

Our homes are so important to us because this is where we spend our time with our family and friends. The last few years it has become even more needed for us to have a home we feel comfortable, cosy and ourselves in.  I am therfore seeing some home trends for 2023 that give our homes a more lived in look and cosy feel so I will share some of these trends with you.


Neutral Colour Schemes
I find neutral colours make you feel relaxed and they are easy to live in. I have been through the phases where you paint feature walls a colour that you will get sick of in a few months and I am now happy to live with a neutral backdrop that is very soothing.

My tip is that it’s important to add texture to your home if you choose neutrals so it doesn’t feel boring or cold. This can be done with architectural details like textured walls (see below) and also by using sisal, rattan and timber in your decorating. I also love to use contrast in light and dark, contrast in textures end even styles. For example if I have a timber side table then I wouldn’t put a timber lamp on top because it looks so much better with a contrast in colour and material.

Natural Materials
Although a timeless choice I also think it is a big trend to use natural materials when choosing finishes for your build or renovation.  People still seem to have a love for timber floors and natural stone for bench tops  (or the look of natural stone). The timber floor will get scuffed from wear but thats ok because it adds to a lived in home. I think bleached timbers will be popular in furniture in 2023 for a fresh look. I have promised myself that I will bleach a piece of furniture because I love the look and I want to know how it’s done. – I will share this DIY project when I get it done.


Textured Walls
I have always loved textured walls because they add so much more interest to a home. These are some of may favourite ways to add texture to your walls that I will be using in homes in 2023.

Bagging Brick Walls: Bagging is a good DIY project because it’s a pretty easy and cost effective way to freshen up a brick wall. This is where you add concrete to a wall and create lots of texture on the brick so the mortar line is filled in. It is similar to render but not as smooth so it still has a lot of character which I love. It can look more rustic and textured depending on your technique. Once the wall is dry it can be painted any colour so if you have a very dark brick it’s a great way to lighten it up.  I love it and I have it on my brick fireplace wall. We use our open fire a lot in winter so it does get black above the fire but we give it a paint touch up and then it looks fresh again.

Natural Stone: Stone definetly has a timeless quality so it will look great for a long time without getting tired of it. I love it when there is a bit of grey and warm colours mixed in the stone and this is my kind of feature wall. Love it!

natural stone

VJ Board: Adding VJ board to a boring plaster wall can give your home a relaxed look that has more character.

vj board in bathroom

Wainscoting & Trim: I use wainscoting all the time because it can change the whole look of a room and it can be a cost effective way to add architectural detail. There are so many different styles of trim and it’s a good DIY project if you want one. This has been a popular trend for a while now but I think it will continue to be used because it is such a great way to add texture.

Interior decorator in Warrandyte  wainscoting in stairs

Collected Rooms It is so nice to see a room that is individual and a bit eclectic where there is a mix of old and new furniture and pieces that have been collected over time and on travels. We no longer want to see everything matching in a room but rather the look of beautiful things that we love alltogether.

cosy family room

I am looking forward to a busy 2023 – I hope you are inspired with my favourite trends for 2023.

Andrea xx