It’s Complicated – How to get the look

Nancy Meyers is well known for her romantic comedy movies where the homes in the movies become just as loved as the stories being told. I love all her movies but my absolute favourite is It’s Complicated with Meryl Streep as Jane Adler. Her home is set in Santa Barbara, California and it has a cosy lived in look that has effortless style.

Who wouldn’t want to curl up and read a book on the couch in this living room. It has a cosiness from the warm colours chosen and the contrast of the black fireplace and furniture gives the room interest. I love the natural materials that have been chosen in the ceiling, bamboo blinds, timber coffee table and sisal rug because they add texture to the room. I have always found natural materials to be a good selection because they have timeless appeal and this is the perfect example of that. Nothing in this room is on trend but rather it’s a classic.

Nancy Meyers set design goes beyond aesthetics. She plays close attention to creating the right atmosphere for her characters. In It’s Complicated the interiors feel lived in and relatable. The warm colours, comfortable furniture and cosy lighting invite the audience to connect with the characters on a deeper level. To get this look in your home see below for similar items.

  1. Timber lamp with linen shade – Contact Jemden Interiors for details
  2. Timber Console – Contact Jemden Interiors for details
  3. Kubu Linen Hamper – Provincial Living
  4. Sofa with slip cover – Contact Jemden Interiors for details
  5. Lohals Rug – Ikea
  6. Timber + Linen Chair – Contact Jemden Interiors for details
  7. Caeso Black Side Table – Temple + Webster
  8. Burton Linen Throw – Temple + Webster
  9. Brittany 2 door armoire – Early Settler
  10. Timber + Marble Coffee Table – Contact Jemden Interiors for details
  11. Cushion – Contact Jemden Interiors for details
  12. Cushion – Contact Jemden Interiors for details

The kitchen continues the lived in style where shelves are crowded with plates and bowls but they are all white to create a collected look. In this movie Jane is a baker and this kitchen is well stoked with pots and pans on display that almost have a commercial look. The warm colours continue in the kitchen with a tiled floor and orange accents.

Overall I think this home is timeless with its mostly neutral colours and warm natural materials and finishes. I still love this home after many years and I hope you are inspired to create a home you love.

Andrea xx

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