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lounge room

lightingscreen-shot-2018-05-21-at-7-51-01-pmlounge blog

It was an absolute pleasure designing this renovation and the lounge room is one of my favourite rooms. This home was transformed completely and it’s such a great feeling when my clients love their homes when they are complete. I hope you are inspired to make your home beautiful too. Andrea




















hydrangeas on a console

hydrangeas for dining

hydrangeas blue

hydrangeas on a coffee table

blue hydrangeas coffee table

3 ways to make your living room awesome

Here are 3 quick ways to make your living room awesome

  1. Add a side table in front of your sofa. This whitewash side table is perfect for a living room and its great because it can be easily moved around depending on where you need it. It adds texture to a room and it is really practical as well.
  2. Add a console or table at the back of your sofa. This is particularly a good idea when you see the back of a sofa so it adds some interest to a room. This brass and antiqued glass table is perfect for behind a sofa as its not too bulky. Again this suggestion is very practical as well as you can put a drink etc on the table while you are sitting in the sofa.
  3.  Add wainscotting to a room- This is a very cost effective way to add interest or architectural detail to a room and its quite easy to install. I think its beautiful when the trim part is painted white and the wall colour is slightly darker as it makes it more of a feature like I have done here. I used skirting board for the top of the wainscotting which is attached across the entire wall and then timber trim is used to create the boxes. We used glue and small nails to apply the trim and it was really easy to do. Don’t be afraid to try this in your home as its so easy and it makes a huge improvement to your room.

I hope you are inspired to create a home you love.  Andrea xx



Our family room is my favourite room and the place we spend the most time together as a family.  I believe a home should be an absolute pleasure to live in which means it should be beautiful but also a comfortable place to live. I have the best job in the world because I get to create homes that my clients enjoy living in with their families and it makes me so happy when I see my clients years later and they tell me they still really love their home. I will share with you some of my design tips to create a home that is welcoming, elegant, comfortable, timeless and most of all a pleasure to live in.


Use neutral colours for the big purchase items like sofas and window coverings that are expensive to change.  This can range from a dark charcoal to a beige colour but stay away from bright colours because neutrals stand the test of time. Here I have chosen a charcoal Warwick fabric that is part of the Halo range so its practical but also looks great.



Use natural materials as they are timeless. My favourite flooring is timber or natural stone because I think it always looks beautiful.  I also like to use natural materials like sisal for rugs and wicker in furniture that adds texture to a space and makes it feel more homely.



Use black & white prints or take your own photos that can be framed in simple black frames.  I like to lean my photos against the wall for a more casual look and these can be changed depending on the look you want.


Add foliage from your garden in a simply glass vase that can create height to a mantel, on a console or coffee table. Here I have used eucalyptus leaves which lasts for a long time but they also looks great when they have dried out.



My home is filled with books on every coffee table (mostly design books) as I love reading them constantly while I’m relaxing at home.  Admittedly I try and colour co-ordinate them to my room but if I can’t I remove the slip covers so they are generally more neutral.

I hope these 5 tips have helped inspire you to create a home you will love… Andrea xx


I love using rugs in my designs and I think choosing the right one is so important because a lot of the time the rug is the wow factor in a space so it is well worth investing in the best rug you can afford. I love rugs that are timeless so I always choose designs and colours that will not date quickly.



I like to have the front feet of any sofas on the rug which should be a little bit bigger that the length of the sofa but the side tables should sit next to the sofa (not on the rug). As shown above in this family room we designed. This is a perfect example of choosing a timeless colour and pattern for your rugs.






When I’m choosing a rug to go under a table I like to allow 80cm on each side so the chairs won’t get stuck on the edge of the rug when they are being pulled in and out. This amount can be a little bit less depending on how big the chairs are so I also like to pull the chairs out as though I am going to sit down and then measure how much extra space is needed for the rug.







When choosing a rug for a bedroom I like to use a 200 x 300cm rug for under a queen bed and a 250 x 350cm for a king size bed. See the diagrams below.



I start my design by choosing the rug first and then I design the rest of the space around my rug choice. I love geometric rugs and I think they are a great way to add wow to a room. I also love sisal rugs for family rooms as they add texture to a space and because they are a natural material they are also timeless. I’ve noticed that all the rugs I chose with patterns are always symmetrical as I’m not a fan of some modern rugs where the patterns are not symmetrical.


I hope this helps you choose a rug that you will love for your home as they are a great way to warm up a space and make it feel welcoming and cosy. Andrea xx








 I love having photos around my home and I think there are a few tricks to make them look good so here are a few pics from around my home and I hope you are inspired to create your own photo displays.  A mantel is a great place to have family photos and I like to lean photos against the wall to give it a more casual look. When displaying photos like this the frames should be different sizes to create angles. I love black frames because they are timeless but you can also incoporate a timber frame like I have here.

If you want a family photo wall it is best to choose a wall that is not too big. This one is perfect as its a small area near our stairs. I love that everytime I pass it I see beautiful photos of my family and the great places we have visited. I love to mix photos of architecture and also photos of the family in the same display. For these photos I chose all black frames in various sizes and I have hung them all the way to the top. I always choose frames with a matt board because they look so much nicer. Black and white photos are timeless and I will add more photos to this wall as we create new memories along the way.

I have leaned the photo frames against the wall on top of the tv cabinet in my lounge room. These photos are all from our trip to Paris and London and I have mixed photos of architecture with photos of the family. Surround yourself with things you love that remind you of your special memories like I have done here. I love the Eiffel Tower so I have added this to the display and also some old cameras from my husbands dad as they are special to our family.

My top 5 tips on photo displays

1. Always choose frames with a matt board

2. Black & white photos are timeless

3. Buy frames that are the same finish but all different sizes to create a family photo wall

4. Lean photos against the wall on mantel’s, consoles etc for a relaxed look

5. Make sure the wall is not too big for a family photo wall

Keep adding to your photos and have fun with it.

Andrea xx

Like everyone I love having flowers around my home so here are a few tips to get the most out of them. If you love flowers like roses then I have been impressed at how good they are from supermarkets and how cheap they are ($5 – $10 a bunch). The variety is not great though and for Peonnies which are my favourite flowers I get these at the florist. Peonnies are my treat as they are a little more expensive but I do really love them and they seem to last quite a while.

Heres how to make your flowers last longer:

 1. Cut the stems a little before putting them in water and make sure you cut off all the         leaves that would go under the water as this breeds bacteria and will make them rot.

2. Dont fill the water to the top of the vase- the water only needs to cover all the stems a     little.

3. Change the water daily and re cut the stems a little each time

4. Add 1 part Sprite (Not diet) to 3 parts water and a few drops of bleach to the water.         The Sprite will give the flowers sugar to keep them fresh and the bleach will stop  bacteria growing.

I also like classic flowers like roses which are timless and they always look great. Match the colour of the flowers to your accessories like these beautiful yellow roses that I have styled with my yellow ceramic box. Flowers are a great way to add colour to your home and you can change it every week.

Re purpose jars like the Moccona coffee ones that make great vases in all different sizes like I have done here. I also use ginger jars and candle holders as vases. Look around your home for other things that could also be used as vases.

Real flowers can become expensive and some artificial flowers look so real that it’s hard to tell them apart from fresh ones so here are my top tips for using artificial flowers:

1. Only choose really good quality artificial flowers

2. Use mainly artificial flowers but add a few real flowers to the mix.

3. Add real follage to artificial flowers

4. Always put water in glass vases

Andrea xx