How to choose the perfect rug?

I love using rugs in my designs and I think choosing the right one is so important because a lot of the time the rug is the wow factor in a space so it is well worth investing in the best rug you can afford. I love rugs that are timeless so I always choose designs and colours that will not date quickly.



I like to have the front feet of any sofas on the rug which should be a little bit bigger that the length of the sofa but the side tables should sit next to the sofa (not on the rug). As shown above in this family room we designed. This is a perfect example of choosing a timeless colour and pattern for your rugs.






When I’m choosing a rug to go under a table I like to allow 80cm on each side so the chairs won’t get stuck on the edge of the rug when they are being pulled in and out. This amount can be a little bit less depending on how big the chairs are so I also like to pull the chairs out as though I am going to sit down and then measure how much extra space is needed for the rug.







When choosing a rug for a bedroom I like to use a 200 x 300cm rug for under a queen bed and a 250 x 350cm for a king size bed. See the diagrams below.



I start my design by choosing the rug first and then I design the rest of the space around my rug choice. I love geometric rugs and I think they are a great way to add wow to a room. I also love sisal rugs for family rooms as they add texture to a space and because they are a natural material they are also timeless. I’ve noticed that all the rugs I chose with patterns are always symmetrical as I’m not a fan of some modern rugs where the patterns are not symmetrical.


I hope this helps you choose a rug that you will love for your home as they are a great way to warm up a space and make it feel welcoming and cosy. Andrea xx








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