3 Ways to make your living room AWESOME

3 ways to make your living room awesome

Here are 3 quick ways to make your living room awesome

  1. Add a side table in front of your sofa. This whitewash side table is perfect for a living room and its great because it can be easily moved around depending on where you need it. It adds texture to a room and it is really practical as well.
  2. Add a console or table at the back of your sofa. This is particularly a good idea when you see the back of a sofa so it adds some interest to a room. This brass and antiqued glass table is perfect for behind a sofa as its not too bulky. Again this suggestion is very practical as well as you can put a drink etc on the table while you are sitting in the sofa.
  3.  Add wainscotting to a room- This is a very cost effective way to add interest or architectural detail to a room and its quite easy to install. I think its beautiful when the trim part is painted white and the wall colour is slightly darker as it makes it more of a feature like I have done here. I used skirting board for the top of the wainscotting which is attached across the entire wall and then timber trim is used to create the boxes. We used glue and small nails to apply the trim and it was really easy to do. Don’t be afraid to try this in your home as its so easy and it makes a huge improvement to your room.

I hope you are inspired to create a home you love.  Andrea xx

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