My Home

As an interior designer I am always asked “What is your home like?” …So I thought I would share my family room because its my favourite room and where we spend the most time. I believe a home should be an absolute pleasure to live in and ours certainly is. It is a very welcoming home and it has a relaxed elegeance that I love. (that means we put our feet on the coffee table but it still looks good)

I started with a neutral background and added a bit of colour with acessories because they are easy to change. We are surrounded with greenery so it made sense for me to incorporate green inside our home.  I started by painting my little horse green (go crazy with a spray can) and I added green cushions and flowers. My green pots on the balcony help to bring the outside in which I absolutely love. My husband painted black stripes for me which is my favourite thing because it adds contrast and incorporates black which I have used throughout the room. Now is a good time to thank my husband, Grant because it’s not easy living with someone who loves decorating. It means rooms can change daily and this effects him because he is sometimes my furniture mover. New items seem to appear out of no where (especially cushions) and are replaced the next week with different coloured ones.

I love texture and I use a lot of natural materials in my home like sisal rugs, wicker furniture and timber. Our fireplace is well used in winter and it is definetly one of my favourite spots to be. I love sitting by the fire on a cold day and looking out at the view.

This coffee table is currently painted black but it has had a few changes over the years. It was first in natural timber, then cream and now black with different knobs. I always have a tray on our coffee table and I love this extra large timber one because it holds all my books and accessories.

These black side tables with a mirrored top are gorgeous and they look great with the black stripes, floor lamp and black detailing I have used in my family room. It’s the little details like this black trim on the lamp shade that make all the difference to a home and of course books and flowers.

Andrea xx