How to style a fireplace mantel

If you are lucky enough to have a fireplace with a mantel then here are my tips on how to style it.

Tip 1. Lean photos or prints against the wall for a relaxed vibe.
I have photos of my family that I have framed in different sizes leaning on my mantel.  It is very important that each frame be a different size to the frame next to it, otherwise it doesn’t look right.  Angles should be created from the top corner of each frame to the next one as shown in the example below. I love to change my photos to black & white for a timeless look and I generally choose simple frames that are either black, white or a light timber. When choosing a frame make sure it has a mat board because this makes the photos look so much better and they also make the overall frame larger than the original photo.



Tip 2. Start with art or photos and then layer other objects in front.
All objects should be a different height to the objects beside them and the frames at the back of them. I love adding candle holders that are tall and skinny, small decorative boxes and flowers. On my mantel I also have a large antique clock in the middle and then I have layered items around it.


Tip 3. Add some flowers or foliage.
Foliage in a large vase can create a focal point for your mantel and then you can style around it. In the below photo I added some colourful hydrangeas in purple and green that help to add some colour and texture to the mantel.




Tip 4. Add a mirror
Mirrors are perfect for above a mantel because they are large and they help reflect light around the room. This beautiful mirror below became a focal point in this family room and I love the elegant detail it has. I kept the rest of the styling very simple because it’s all about the mirror.



Tip 5. Add large objects to create the wow factor.
If you have a high ceiling in the area then it is really beautiful to add large prints and objects to create impact. Here I chose some large black & white prints in simple black frames and a large vase of eucalyptus foliage.


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I hope you are inspired to style your mantel and create a home you love, Andrea xxx


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