Yellow & Grey Bedroom – Design secrets revealed

I think yellow and grey is a winning combination so I would love to share with you a bedroom I designed that looks fresh and timeless using these colours. I will reveal my design secrets so I hope you are inspired to create a bedroom you will love.

Where to start – Fabrics

I started my design by choosing the fabrics that I used in the feature cushions and the custom made lamp shades.  The yellow and grey chevron pattern fabric was perfect for the front cushions and as soon as I saw the geometric pattern fabric I had to have it for the lamp shades. I now had my colour scheme and it grew from there.

What next?

I then chose this beautiful textured carpet to add some warmth to the room and then paint colours. (HINT: Its a good idea to choose paint colours after fabrics and flooring because there is a much bigger paint range to choose from so you are more likely to find a perfect colour)

I added wainscotting trim to give the room a more formal look so I decided to paint the bottom part white and the top grey.

Splashes of Colour

I like to splash colour around the room in accessories and in this design the yellow is a perfect colour for this as its bright and fresh. It starts from the small box on the console, the yellow telephone (I painted this), the cushions, small flowers on the side table and finally a small glass container on the mantle.

At any time the yellow accessories can then be easily and economically changed to create an entirely different look for the room.


Use Contrast

Contrast of colours, materials and styles makes a room more interesting so I use contrast in a lot of my designs.  I chose the timber side tables to have contrast to the paint colours and timber helps to give the room a more welcoming feel because it is a natural material.  If you think about using contrast it makes your design decisions easier: For example – Once I had the timber side tables I new that the lamps would need to be chrome or glass (anything but timber) so they didn’t just blend in.

White linen

I always use white linen in my bedrooms because its fresh and timeless and then I add pattern and colour with cushions that can be easily changed.

I really loved designing this bedroom and I hope you are inspired to create a home you love.

Andrea xxx



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